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We have an active prayer group with a wide spread of ages, which meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 7:45pm to about 9pm, where we come together for an informal time of Prayer, Praise and Worship. For over 12 years we met in the church, on the sanctuary in front of the Tabernacle. Since autumn 2017 we have been meeting in a private home where the more intimate atmosphere makes it easier for people to open up and unburden themselves of their deepest problems.

Each meeting is different as we let the Holy Spirit take control, and the presence of the Lord is always very strong! The doors are open to anyone who would like to come along and receive prayer ministry and the Holy Spirit often moves in a powerful way touching people in a profound way.

You are warmly invited to come to our meeting and join us - everyone is very welcome! You can find out more by sending an email to
mikeoliver2000 @
or by checking the parish newsletter..

The photos show one of our meetings held in the church.








We have felt called to reach out to the Homeless in Oxford and several times a year we take a pile of chocolate bars to Oxford and give them out to the Homeless that we meeet there. This gives us the chance to chat with them, to tell them athat Jesus loves them, and to offer to pray with them. We also buy them some food and hot drinks. In the cold winter months we also take gloves, scarves and other items of warm clothing to give out or to take to the Night Shelter.



We usually offer prayer ministry after the 10:15am Mass on the 1st Sunday of each month and invite those in need of prayer to come up to the Altar, where we have one or two pairs from the Prayer Group available. Jesus is the Healer - we just pray! Watch the Parish Newsletter for details.

During the Parish Day in September 2013 we organised a "Prayer Chair" in the Parish Centre and a steady stream of people came along for ministry. Prayer ministry is alsoavailable at our regular Prayer Meetings.






In 2003 we started running the excellent CaFe (Catholic Faith Exploration) video courses produces by the Catholic Evangelisation Services and continued for a number of years with courses once or twice each year, which were very well received by people from our parish and the surrouding churches, both Catholic and Protestant. The courses were initially held in the evenings, with tea and coffe, plus cakes and wine being served to create a welcoming atmosphere. Later we started to run the course at two different times during the week to enable more people to be able to attend. In addition to evenings we added a lunch-time session, providing a simple meal beforehand.

The photo was taken during the first CaFe course in 2003


A testimony during the Healing WeekendHEALING WEEKEND

In January 2008 we organised a four-day Healing Weekend at St Edmunds conducted by Pauline Edwards and Fr Laurence Brassill. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very tangible and many blessings were poured out. We witnessed a number of healings; the photo shows one of the several testimonies..

To read an account of the event, with photos and testimonies, click here






During Lent 2010 we ran the Life in the Spirit Seminars in the church. We were blessed with seven great speakers and the numbers attending greatly exceeded our expectations, with well over 100 coming, some from large distances. Read an account of how the Holy Spirit really moved during the course, and touched many lives:
More information and photos can be found here:



Watching the videoTHIS PROMISE IS FOR YOU

For six weeks during Lent 2012 we ran This Promise is for You, which is a video version of The Life in the Spirit Seminars, with excellent talks presented by Michelle Moran and Charles Whitehead. The course was run in the Parish Centre on Thursday evenings, repeated Friday lunch-times with a simple lunch. around 45 to 50 attended in all and many were greatly blessed. It was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit moving as the weeks progressed, and week five, when people were prayed over for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, was particularly powerful.




We ran The Gift, another video version of the Life in the Spirit Seminars, during Lent 2014. The Gift is a six part course produced by CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) with talks by David Payne, Michelle Moran, Charles Whitehead & Jenny Baker. The course was run in the Parish Centre on Saturday lunch-times, with a simple meal of soup and desert provided. About 18 people attended and many were blessed.






During 2016 we ran the Big Picture, an excellent course produced by the CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) team. The course took us on a biblical journey through Salvation History in 12 sessions. We had a good mix of people including many from the Alpha course that ended earlier and who had requested a good follow-on course which would help them deepen their faith.

Each participant received a hard-back journal and video DVD containing all the course material for use at home. The Journal contains bible verses and reflection for each day of the week, plus questions to ponder over prayerfully, with space to write down thoughts. Also each week there is a longer bible passage to read and meditate on.The following Sunday evening we met to discuss the previous week in our small groups and watch the 15 minute video for the coming week, presented by amazing speakers speakers filmed around the biblical world.



On the eves of Pentecost 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 we organised a charismatic evening, featuring powerful praise, a talk, and a time of waiting on the Holy Spirit during which the Spirit was free to move - and indeed He did! Prayer ministry was offered and many came up for prayer, and many were blessed. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from those attending these events.

On Pentecost Eve 2017 Pope Francis invited Christians from around the world to gather with him in Circus Maximus, in the centre of Rome, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the move of the Holy Spirit which led to the birth of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. By means of the internet we were able to stream the event live to the screen in our Parish Centre and we joined with the Holy Father and the crowd of about 30,000 as they praised the Lord and prayed for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The photo shows a time of praise & worship during the 2013 event.



On Saturday afternoon 4th November 2017we showed the first of the two videos by Dr Brand Pitre. The afternoon was well attended and much appreciated. Those present came not only from St Edmund's but from other Catholic churches in the area as well. There were also several from the Protestant denominations.The video lasted about 70 minutes and Pitre packed a great deal into each minute, but his style and humour made the talk really enjoyable. We all learned such a lot about the origins of so many aspects of our faith that we take for granted. The second video "The Fourth Cup and the New Passover" was shown the following Saturday.

The first video is available on YouTube:



During four Saturday afternoons in the spring of 2018 we showed 4 segments of the excellent 'Wild Goose' series of videos produced by the Franciscan Friars in America: God's Love Poured Out; The Breath of God; Baptism in the Spirit & Fire; The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. On the third week we offered prayers for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

“Wild Goose” is the name given to the Holy Spirit by the ancient Celts because He is so unpredictable and impossible to tame!

The Videos can be watched at


What is the Charismatic Renewal?

Perhaps you are wondering what “Charismatic” means. It means being open to the gifts (charisms) given to all baptised Christians by the Holy Spirit.

In 1996 Cardinal Suenens wrote: "To interpret the Renewal as a 'movement' among other movements is to misunderstand its nature; it is a movement of the Spirit offered to the entire Church and destined to rejuvenate every part of the Church's life".

While addressing a gathering of fifty thousand people in Rome in 2014, Pope Francis described the Charismatic Renewal as "A current of grace in the Church and for the Church". He went on to say: "I expect from you that you share the Grace of the Baptism in the Spirit with the whole church." Pope Francis repeated this at a gathering of about 30,000 in Rome on Pentecost Eve 2017.

On Pentecost day 1998, Pope St John Paul II, while addressing an even larger crowd of pilgrims in Peter’s Square, said that during the Vatican II council there was “a new realisation of the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit whenever He acts." He then went on to tell of a “rediscovery” of something that had long been lost sight of. He explained that what had been rediscovered was that the Hierarchical element and the Charismatic dimension are “co-equal and co-essential to the configuration of the Church." In other words, when the Charismatic dimension is down-played or separated from the Hierarchical element the power of the Church is weakened, and consequently less effective in proclaiming the Kingdom of God. The balance should be restored.



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