Life in the Spirit

Praise - Prayer – Talks – Discussion

Seven Thursdays from 11th February to 25th March, 7:45 – 9:30 pm
at St Edmund's Church, 1 Radley Rd OX14 3PL.

Great live speakers, including:

  • David Payne & Jenny Baker (presenters of the CaFE courses)
  • Roy Hendy (co-founder of House of the Open Door Community)
  • Maria Toth (presenter on Premier Radio & member of Cor et Lumen Christi community)
  • Charles Whitehead (world famous Catholic writer, speaker and leader of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal).

Do not miss this opportunity to receive more of the Holy Spirit! Many who have followed this course have found it to be a life-changing experience.
All welcome. No charge, voluntary contribution only.

Details 01235-528528.


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Photos from the Seminars

David speaking on God's Love
Week 1 - David Payne speaking to a full church about God's Love.
David is Director of Catholic Evangelisation Services, which produce the CaFE videos;
he is he well known from his appearances in these videos.

Gabriele Sedda speaking on Salvation
Week 2 - Gabriele Sedda speaking about Salvation.
Gabriele who is from Sardinia, works for Goodnews magazine
and is a Core Team member of the Westminster Cathedral Hall prayer group.
He is a frequent speaker at Days of Renewal and Life in the Spirit Seminars.

Week 3 - Maria Toth receiving prayer prior to beginning her talk about New Life.
Maria works for Premier Christian Radio
where she is the lively presenter of the popular ‘Woman to Woman’ programme.
She is a member of the Cor et Lumen Christi Community
where she is involved in prayer and music ministries.

Week 4 - Jenny Baker speaking about Receiving God's Gift.
Jenny has been jointly responsible with David Payne for the development and presentation of the CaFE course,
which now runs in parishes throughout the country. She has travelled widely in this country and overseas
to promote CaFE. Jenny has a breadth of experiences especially encouraging to parents
and is an inspiring speaker well known for her practical explanation of the Catholic faith.
She undertakes a number of speaking engagements and presentations at conferences
and in parishes throughout the country.

Week 5 - James Wilkinson preparing us for the time of ministry, when we invited the
Holy Spirit into our lives. James, based in Chertsea, took early retirement
to work as an evangelist and has been running events locally and further afield.
He is running our seminars in Abingdon, the 18th Life in the Spirit Seminars for which he
has been responsible.

Week 6 - Roy Hendy speaking about Growth in the Spirit.
Roy is a well known evangelist who has preached extensively in Africa, eastern Europe and the UK,
including in some of the toughest prisons. Roy and his wife June are founders of the
House of the Open Door Christian community.

Week 7: Charles Whitehead speaking about Transformation.
Charles is an internationally known speaker and writer; he sits on a number of local, diocesan, and national
church and special ministry committees including The Catholic Bible School and the Christian Healing Mission;
he is founder and the Chairman of Harvesters, a network encouraging and equipping men in their Christian faith;
his local Bishop has recently given him pastoral responsibility for the diocesan team of youth workers,
and he is an advisor to both Catholic Youth Services and to CASE, the Evangelisation Agency of the
Catholic Bishops’ Conference. He has received a papal knighthood for his services to the church.