So many healings,

so many blessings ...


In January 2008 the Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way in St Edmund's parish during a Healing Weekend run by Pauline Edwards & Fr Laurence Brassill O.S.A.


At the beginning of each Parish Pastoral Council meeting at St Edmund's church our parish priest, Fr Tom Taaffe, always reads from chapter 12 of 1 Corinthians, which lists the gifts of the Holy Spirit: words of wisdom, words of knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, tongues, interpretation of tongues. What may have seemed academic suddenly came alive, when we saw many of these gifts in action during a four-day healing weekend in January, run by Pauline Edwards and Fr Laurence Brassill. They have a powerful yet very gentle ministry and see themselves as enablers; they encouraged members of the parish to join them in praying over people, to emphasise that it is Jesus who heals. A Healing Evening on the Thursday was followed by two full days of healing prayer, with lunch provided on the Saturday. On Sunday prayer was offered after three Masses.

We were totally unprepared for the numbers of healings and the way in which the Holy Spirit moved in such a powerful and tangible way.

Throughout the weekend there was a steady stream of people coming forward to testify how they had been affected. There were many physical healings. A young woman, partially deaf in one ear, had her hearing restored. A little girl of 8 who's leg was badly swollen by a lymphoedema told how she saw the swelling shrink while she was being prayed over; the next day she returned to tell how she had also been healed of nightmares and insomnia. A lady's shoulder pain disappeared on Thursday, and on Friday her knees were healed.


There were many other physical healings reported including back pain, arthritis, deafness and sinus problems. However, emotional healings were even more dramatic. One lady was healed of long-standing anxiety, depression and agoraphobia as well as having the broken relationship with her daughter restored after years of alienation. Another testified to feeling a completely new person following a lifetime of low self-esteem after being abused as a child. A man wept profuse tears of joy as he told how the anxiety and distress of caring for his terminally ill wife was totally lifted. Several others told of being freed from depression. We continue to receive reports of more healings and blessings.


The event was not just about healing, it was also about evangelisation. The Gospel message was preached in a powerful way and, when people saw the healings, it came alive to them. Several have said they now feel drawn back to the church. The key to everything was the amount of prayer beforehand by many faithful intercessors.


Many of those attending were from other denominations, several saying how much they were impressed by what they witnessed and some testifying to blessings they had received. It is significant that the event took place at the start of the week of prayer for Christian unity.


Denise's Testimony

Denise's testimony
Denise testifying to her healing


On the Thursday evening Pauline asked if anyone was suffering from neck & shoulder problems. I put my hand up and sister came and sat down beside me and prayed over me. My shoulder felt very warm and the pain in it disappeared. I went up to the altar to testify what had happened. The next day I went to Pauline & Fr Laurence for individual prayer. Pauline asked what I wanted prayers for and I told her I had cancer all over my body, including my bones and four years ago I was given six months to live.

When they prayed over me I was afraid about resting in the Spirit because my bones were so fragile and I have a metal plate in my neck. Pauline said “Don't worry, the Lord won't do anything to hurt you”. Before I knew what was happening I was on the floor. I thought I would need help to get up but I found I could get back on my feet without any assistance. I had been unable to kneel for over four years but now I can kneel and bend my knees without any pain! I had been on daily pain killers but have not needed to take them since that day.

I used to have very bad pain in my pelvis and shoulder but now I am pain free, though sometimes I still get a bit of stiffness because of the damage sustained by my bones. My life has been transformed and now I can crawl around on the floor with my grand-children!

Maria's Testimony

Maria's testimonyWhen I was small I contracted an infection which left me with pain in my ears and a loss of hearing. During the Thursday Healing Evening I was sitting at the back of the church and couldn't hear properly what was being said. I had to keep asking the person sitting next to me. When Pauline asked if there was anyone with hearing problems I put up my hand. That evening I kept getting pain in my ear and I said "Lord, what are you doing to me!". On Friday evening I was sitting on my bed praying when I realised that I could hear my cousin's children playing down-stairs. The next day I returned to the church and again sat at the back. I could now hear everything clearly.

Fran's Testimony

I have always had a problem with low self-esteem and a feeling of unworthiness. When I was prayed over many things came up, one of which was abuse. Fr Laurence & Pauline took me back in prayer to when I was six years old and the time when I was abused by my 16 year old brother, and later by a neighbour. I have been prayed over in the past and think I have forgiven my brother. However I realised I haven't forgiven my self and thought what had happened was my fault. This had an affect on my relationships throughout my life. Fr Laurence cut all the links with the past and I felt Jesus holding me very close.

During the prayer for healing of the memories something happened to me, I felt a peace flowing through me. I realised that I am a new person, baptised in the Blood of Christ, a new creation in Him. The past is now gone, forgiven and forgotten. Crucified on the Cross I am set free to be the person He always wanted me to be. He is alive and doing great things! Knowing that the Father loves us in spite of all we have done is the key. I have finally forgiven myself, my confidence has been restored and I now feel alive and I now feel alive!

Brian's Testimony

Brian's testimonyMy wfe Sheila has been suffering from cancer for 15 years, and the past four years have been very difficult. We used to do a lot of walking but now Sheila is confined to a weekchair and is in a lot of pain My daughter Teresa had leukaemia when she was 2 years old but was cured by the doctors. We have been involved in the Renewal for some time. I didn't really want to come to the Healing Weekend but Sheila insisted, so I took her in her wheelchair. On the Saturday something happened to me, I received a tremendous blessing and heard a voice inside me saying "All will be well". All the anxiety and distress just disappeared. I came up to the altar to give a testimony and just wept tears of joy. I haven't stopped smiling since then!

Pat's Testimony

Pat's testimonyAll my life, since I was very young I have suffered from anxiety and depression and I have been on anti-depressants for 15 years. It started when I was bullied at school by a teacher and I eventually ran away from school and developed a fear of people in authority. My mother never showed me love. When I was in my 30s my father developed Alzheimers and I cared for him. I was unable to get out much and eventually I also developed agoraphobia. I am presently in remission from cancer of the scalp.

On the Friday I went to Fr Laurence and Pauline for individual ministry and as they prayed for healing of the memories I felt something pouring out of me and I was set free from the anxiety, depression and agoraphobia! I now have no fear of going out on my own. Not only this but I received another big healing: my relationship with my daughter was restored after years of problems. That evening I phoned her and spoke for three hours, asking her for forgiveness for the hurts. She told me: "Mum, you're a new person"!


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